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Visual Ergonomics Worksite Assessment Individualized Employee Workstation Analysis 

Our bodies and eyes are designed and engineered for movement, but now our eyes are being used at a I new working distance and the visual posture and ergonomics must be addressed to help. 

The visual system is design. to focus at all distances and move in many different directions. If there is lack of movement like in today's communication and digital era, the eyes stay focused and stay in one spot, causing visual stress. The body in turn will attempt to relieve that stress, which leads to unnatural posture and pain.

If employees have difficulty viewing their work, their accommodative system will over-react, causing them to over focus on the distance. To accommodate and compensate, they must lean forward toward the object in an attempt to clear the image. This will call on your neck, back, shoulders and your wrists to support the posture.

TeleHD will help you achieve normal eye movements in short periods of time with alternate viewing tasks to reduce eye fatigue 

The way we use our eyes will determine how well we work.
— Providing the BEST Visual Ergonomics & "The Perfect Viewing System" at the worksite

— In todays workplace, visual demand EXCEEDS our visual ability

— With TeleHD and the Worksite Program, your visual ability will EXCEED your demand

The TeleHD Vision Team will analyze your workstations, the instruments used at your workstation, your job design, work group relations, your visual conditions and lighting at your worksite. 

After all vital information is collected and analyzed, TeleHD will recommend the BEST Visual ergonomics, correct body posture and a pair of TeleHD eye wear depending on your individual needs.