Tele2020 provides a multi-focused and customized suite of onsite and online vision solutions so employees don’t have to leave the office; increasing employee convenience, productivity and affordability.

We offer a tailored solution for your business and your employees through our onsite exams and fitting without having to leave your office.
Our team of highly trained vision specialists perform onsite eye exams and work directly with credentialed Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Computer Vision experts using industry leading equipment.
24/7 access to online doctors for immediate response to vision needs, problems and solutions.
In today’s digital era, ensuring that each employee’s work station includes proper ergonomics has never been more important.  This reduces the stress and strain on the body, mind and eyes.
Our team provides a personalized assessment of each employees work station.  We reduce and eliminate vision stressors (fatigue/headaches/eyestrain) that decrease productivity caused by poor ergonomics.
We provide 1000’s of fashionable frame styles and all the major contact lens brands.  Employees can purchase their prescription eyeglasses and contacts online at discounted prices.
We provide function and fashion without sacrificing value. Whether you want a pair of Versace, Ray-Ban or Gucci frames, or basic wireframe glasses, our onsite and online prices give you the best for less. 

Computer Performance Eyewear

  • Decrease eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, and dry eyes.
  • Retain your focal point when using the computer for prolonged periods
  • All eyewear is scientifically engineered for each individual

Medical Safety, Rx, Laser

  • TeleSAFE decreases the risk of injury to the eyes due to: impact, heat, chemical,
    dust, and/or optical radiation hazards.
  • Either Rx, wrap, side shield, filtered and impact resistant available for the right individual.
  • Eliminating any potential hazard without disturbing peripheral vision.

Sunglass Performance Eyewear

  • Providing the best vision possible under extreme outdoor conditions.
  • TeleUVCLEAR provides 100% ultraviolet protection to shield the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV Rays.
  • For your professionals whose duties are outdoors, our TeleUVCLEAR will help your employees meet there visual demands.


Why Tele2020?

  • Employees spend 6-8 hours per day using digital devices at work causing headaches, eye strain and many health challenges that if untreated leads directly to decreased work productivity, performance and absenteeism.
  • Companies offer access to traditional health care benefits and services but today’s digital world requires employees to adapt differently and so should Adapting to the digital world requires employers and employees to go beyond usual and customary health care.
  • Over 80% of all vision related problems can be corrected and improve work efficiency and worksite comfort.

Contact Info

  • 1-800-530-5106
  • 1430 Main Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07011