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1. What benefits can TeleHD and the worksite program provide to the workplace?

  • On-site eye exams, ergonomics, and eyewear are provided
  • Lower Healthcare costs
  • Lower rates of absenteeism and raising presenteeism
  • Reducing the amount of worker’s compensation claims
  • There is no credentialing involved
  • EVERYONE gets seen
  • Round-the-clock access to eye care consultants for all company needs
  • 1 Work Performance Pair and 1 Personal Pair
  • No out of pocket copays
  • 100% of time spent with Eye Care Professional



2. How does TeleHD help me increase Productivity, Performance, and Profits?

By having your employee’s eyes tested efficiently and incorporate the ergonomics piece for their specific job duties enables them to work better through the use of TeleHD Performance Eyewear. Employees will no longer have to sacrifice their visual comfort while in the workplace which in turn will ensure increased work performance, work productivity and therefore increasing profits not only at the workplace but also on vision costs.




3. What does the TeleSOLUTION provide?


The TeleSOLUTION provides:

  • Customized recommendations for each individual based on examinations and assessments of data
  • Individualized prescriptions for specialized, industry-leading Performance Eyewear tailored to the employee’s daily work environment
  • An on-call Optician who is always available to provide additional resources for the whole company


4. What is Advanced Performance Eyewear?

After careful examinations and assessments, TeleHD™ prescribes its specialized Advanced Performance Eyewear that is tailored and customized to the daily environment each employee works in.


Your eyewear SOLUTION’s for the workplace are:

  • TeleHD, Computer Performance Eyewear- For your professionals whose job duties are at the company
  • TeleSAFE, Safety Performance Eyewear- For your professionals whose job duties require safety eyewear
  • TeleUVCLEAR, Sunglass Performance Eyewear- For your professionals whose job duties are outdoors



5. Why can’t my employees use their current eyeglasses at the work-site?

Your current eyeglasses are not scientifically designed or tailored to meet all the critical needs of your specific job function. For example, computer users who sit in front of a computer for prolonged use may experience Computer Vision Syndrome, more commonly known as CVS. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), the most frequent health complaints among computer workers are vision-related. Studies indicate that 50-90% of computer users suffer from visual symptoms of computer vision syndrome. These symptoms include eyestrain, dry eyes, eye irritation, blurred vision and double vision.


With more and more of us using a computer at work, CVS is becoming a major public health issue. The AOA reports that a survey of optometrists found that approximately 10 million eye exams are performed annually in the United States due to vision problems related to computer use.


6. What studies, if any, are there to back these statements?

A study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Optometry examined the relationship between the vision of computer workers and their productivity in the workplace. According to the UAB study, the economic benefit to employers of providing computer eyewear to their employees can be determined by measuring the average gain in productivity for computer workers over a one-year period, and dividing this productivity gain by the costs associated with the eyewear.


“Our data strongly suggest that improving the visual status of workers using computers results in greater productivity in the workplace, as well as improved visual comfort,”
said Kent Daum, OD phD, the study’s chief investigator.

“Our study confirms that investing in optimal computer eyewear for employees results in a significant cost-benefit ratio,”

Daum said.


7. What if our company currently has a vision plan for the year but would like to have TeleHD come to our work-site?


Our mobile on-site vision team professionals can still come to the worksite and have employees use their current insurance for eye exams and eyewear dispensed. The paperwork would have to be filled out by employees prior and eligibility would have to be completed by our in-house team before the scheduled date of the TeleHD Vision Team’s arrival.


8. What if our company only wants to participate in one of your services or products?


TeleHD™ and the worksite program is a la carte. Your company can pick and choose whatever you want. TeleHD and the work-site program was created to be customizable for each company depending on their needs. Our unique program enables employers to choose whatever they want: Complete Eye Exams, Ergonomics, and/or Eyewear at the worksite. TeleHD enables employers to choose from our services and products.


9. Our company has multiple locations throughout the tri-state area, how would all of our employees be able to participate in the program?

Our mobile units enable us to travel from site to site. If a company has 42 different offices and one main headquarters we would work with the human resources department to create a schedule where our vision team would travel to multiple locations.


10. What about employees families?


YourOpticalShop.com is a mobile on-site eyeglass shop that comes to the worksite for both employees and their family members. There are HUNDREDS of high quality eyeglass frames to choose from. With YourOpticalShop.com, employees and their family members have access to:


  • 2 Frame Stylists positioned at the Optical Shop to help choose the best frame
  • Choosing eyewear, getting fitted, and buying additional pairs for as little as $29
  • 24/7 website ordering
  • Contact lenses with the lowest prices in the nation


*Companies can have employees families examined and choose eyewear either in the evening or on the weekends.


11. What is Visual ergonomics and why is it important?


Visual Ergonomics is used to restore the employee’s physical comfort by:

  • Conducting an extensive analysis of the workstation and work site
  • Using precise measurements of the workstation to induce proper laser-digital vision
  • Providing an individualized diagnosis for every employee